jared car3 Thermisol Director - Jared Gillies.

Thermisol Director Jared Gillies went into partnership with his Father in 1999 after completing an Electrical & Refrigeration Apprenticeship.

Together they formed Gillies Electrical & refrigeration which is widely known throughout the Gisborne and East Cost region.

With over 22years experience in Electrical & 16years experience in Refrigeration Jared has a very sound knowledge of the Building sector.

With a keen intertest for emerging technology within both industries Jared has started a new company Thermisol and now devotes 100% of his time to Thermal Imagining , Test ‘N’Tagging , Electrical Consulting & Nurse Call Systems.

He is a Fully Certified Thermographer and his expertise are sort after all over New Zealand.

Using state of the art equipment such as the Fluke Ti50 Camera with varying optical Lenses Jared is able to provide acurate data and detailed reporting.

You can contact Jared by email or phone anytime for free advice or to book a job.