Thermal Imaging

Leakage Current through Insulator Leakage Current through Insulator

We will do a complete Thermal Imaging Solution , Includes very professional & complete reporting.

Electrical :

All Imagining are  done under load ( no need for shut downs ), I am a Qualified Electrician so no  need for Qualified staff when I am taking Images .
We Thermal Imagine  Switchboards , Control Boards ,Overloads ,  Motor Terminations , Power Stations , Transformers , Under floor heating , all things Electrical
Doing this every 12months will help eliminate breakdowns or  potential fire .
All Insurance Work
Gallery images of Thermal Imaging Electrical examples


Thermal Imagining of Mechanical Components is an excellent preventive & predictive maintenance tool.
V Belt Tension , Alignment of Motors & Pumps , Over Heating Bearings , Cooling & heating Systems , Hydraulic Systems , Conveyors & Rollers


Thermal Imagining is a Non – Invasive & Quiet, your Animal will not need to be sedated
Thermal Imagining can quickly Identify Muscle Wastage , Inflammation , soft Tissue damage, Dental Problems.
Thermal Imagining works  extremely well for correct Saddle fitting.
Gallery images of Thermal Imaging Equine examples

Building & Leak Detection

Excellent tool for finding Moisture / Leak Detection
For all Domestic , Commercial , Industrial Building Moisture Inspection.
Non-Invasive ( Wont Damage Walls )
For All : Bathrooms , Roofs , Window ,Internal  Walls & Outside Cladding